Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I want some banana pancakes.

These tiger lilly's are hella cute and it might be apart of our centerpiece for Junior Prom. We met with Amy, the event planner today. Aww, I wish we were able to help decorate, but we aren't needed. Mm, chilling in the SC with the Fab4 is always fun and funny. I guess we are sticking together 'til we are event planners together ;). But on the real note, Junior Prom is coming up real soon! And we still need to get our limo situation or whateva. Ohmygaad, let's hope everything goes well.

I'm still craving for some pancakes. My mamas and I might meet up with Ate Yani, but if not, I'll have pancakes for dinner, lol. Definitely going to Ihop. It's until 10pm anyways. I'm finished with the hw and I'm just chillin'. I gotta get back on working out and staying fit for season. We are having our Peace Protest for the budget cost this Thursday & Friday and also the day of the schoolboard meeting, next Tuesday, March 3rd. It's starting at 7:30am-8:15am ish. Crossing my fingers that a lot of students and staff will be there because this is affecting US. I know that something will be cut, but I hope it's none of our extra-curricular activities.

I'm starvinnnn'. & I'm out.

P.S. I miss my best friend Nicole. Sweaaarsz, we're about to kick it in a minute.


  1. aha we never met i just saw you on jesses blogspot but im bryan dejano! [=