Monday, February 23, 2009


This is my crazy, but SWEET boyfriend ;).
She's hilarious, I swearsz!

The weekend seemed pretty long, foreal. But it wasn't. Basically, work, Baby & I chilled, a lot of sleep, hw, rain, laziness! :) It was all good though. Loved it. & now ready for a 5 days of school. Mm, and I work on the same nights, "FML", haha.

IloveyouBaaby! Aha, you make me so mad, but you always make up for it.

EDIT: Shout out to my homebooy Jesse J. Garcia! He's gonna be famous one day and he's still gonna remember me. Promise me J that your gonna make your youtube videos, kay? I'll show the world how good you are. Work on that Banana Pancakes for me, lol. I'll go to ya next performance :).KEEP IT UP JESS, proud of yaa!

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