Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sweaaar, no hw lately! Which is good ass news because more chill time for me. Tomorrow is our 1st Peaceful Protest and I hope everything goes perfectly. It bothers me when people put us down already when we haven't even had our protest yet. "It's not gonna help anything." Yknow what? YES IT IS. If you don't take initiative to an issue, of course nothing's gonna happen. But if you put your time and effort to make a difference, there are possibility things will change. So, that's why me and the girls wore the ASK ME shirts today. I look like a F21 bag =X.
My Sophomore babies! <3
2nd period crew. Lucky Fred w/ three girlfriends, haah!
Of course, my GG :).
Today is the 1st day of lent season. My boyfriend said he will give me up for 40 days, riiight, riiight. Thanks babe! So, for 40 days, I'm gonna give up starbucks and fastfood. I was gonna say shopping, but I don't shop much 'cuz I'm saving $$$. After mass, we went to drop off my sis at work and then we went out for dinner.

Pictures fr yesterday:
I love Jaz, she's my Zaaay. We will never fight, and I said NEVER :).My thick thighs and what not. This is what we did when we got kicked out. Well, we were locked out because we were 30 sec late or maybe even less.
And back to Jr.Prom...
Me and Charles were in the SC and I made a cutesy poster for Jr.Prom which is now up in A Hall. Check it out, it's cuter in person.Information about Junior Prom, by Rey :).

Kay, and it's time for homework, how depressing.

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  1. aww my little are my mini-me...LOVES IT!!! (even though i don't know what your silent protest is about...hehe... you have to tell me next time i see you!)