Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peaceful Protest

Leadership/ASB planned this Peaceful Protest to raise awareness to the community that we care about the budget cuts. We do not want our academies, sports, music, art etc. to be taken away from us. Each extra-curricular activity creates a comfort zone for each individual at our school and we must put effort and show WE CARE about what can happen to our future.

Peaceful Protest #1:

Goodjob to all of us who put their hearts in what difference we can make by a simple protest. Like what Mrs.B said, it takes steps...

Good day at school, had my dentist appointment. Also, sushi & ice cream with Neeks and Tammy :).

Too much fun? I think so. And I bought a brownie for like $2, omg. It tasted like chocolate, wtf? Whateva.
We went to a book store and this just killed me! It's so cute and it's inspiring me to be creative as this, real talk. & I'm not just saying it, I will do it :).

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  1. omg those are hella cutee!

    and hands down for the protest! let your voice be heard :)