Thursday, February 12, 2009

Makes me wonder.

I'm currently laying down for this blog on my bed. Feeling hella comfortable tonight :). I'm getting a cold and it's lightweight cold as well. The boyfriend is too busy at the moment, so I'm updating all my readers of this week. I gotta get my nails did, real talk. But I seriously need to save for hella sh/t. I keep buying 'em unnecessary things and adds on my waste pile. So, please Deanise, no more of that!

This week was chill. 4 days of school & a 4 day weekend! Haay, that's some good news. Schools a drag,
like usually. English is my favorite class, I like Ms.Schulz. My school life is pretty simple. Nada too special. Today, I just chilled in the SC til school ended for 6th. I wish I was always excused, they shoulda let be Mrs.Bs TA, but no, they didn't. So today, no 4th and 6th. Omg, I forgot to tell Jaz & Rey that Collamer was being hella FAKE to me. But damn, that was funny. Watch my grade go up by giving him food. Bribing ain't too good, but hey, I want a B in that class at least. Plus, it's weighted! Work today from 5-9:45. Yes, hours! I work 4 times next week. Finally, I've got better hours. Mm, but I still want that new job. Today was chill and fun. Cuz I got 4 credits and 7 upts. Whoohoo! Sounds good right? Saving up $$$ for Jr.Prom too! Expensive. Yes, new job please.

K goodnight!


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