Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello Kitty!

No school today & I was supposed to watch a movie with Fab4 during the day. But our plans didn't happen so I chilled all the day. Danna, Malsy and I fell asleep together around noon. I got up and read New Moon for a bit. Mm, I hella skimmed through because only the parts with Edward is interesting, haha. And Edward is still not in the story just yet, how depressing. Mm, I also talked to Nikka, which reminds me... me and her used to keep diaries together. And we never finished our recent one, so I wrote in it again. This is a picture of it. It's our picture from 5th grade or something? We used to take studio pictures every year, haha. Aw, I miss it. But we talked for awhile. I changed and got ready.
We went to McDonalds. And of course Princess has to get another watch for her collection, haha. & the little twin stars reminded me of Nikka again! But these hello kitty watches are cute for happy meals. I hella <3 my hello kitty debit card, haha! Okay, I hella wanted the Credit Card version, but ugh. Whateva, I can't get one til I'm 18. The woman working at B of A was tryna get one for me, she's craazy. I'm only 16 :).

P.S. I got a letter from my babe today and my dad shoved it into my face. Lol, he writes like a girl, some what? Jk babe, I miss you!

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