Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day.

I wish I got to see my babe today, but I didn't :(. It's okay, I still love him. Although, he just fell asleep on the phone just now. It's hard seeing one another, but it's all worth it when we do. Besides, we will be driving soon. That's the good news. Mm, we were just talking about prom. Hella things to do. And $$$. But Rey did find a limo for $50 per person, so $100 per couple. I better save my paychecks, lol. Paycheck this week, whoohoo! Ima get it Tuesday or Wed. But then again, I'll be broke.

Feels like I spent my day with Jaz, we both had fun @ work. I haven't done recovery in forever, so it was good to do something different. The atmosphere at work feels so comfortable, it's a nice feeling. I work again tomorrow, Monday, Friday & Saturday. Yes, many days, but little hours. But it's better than before :).

Tomorrow: I hope it doesn't rain, but Tarah and I, we're gonna play tennis @ burrell. Yay, workout. Then church and movies with Neeks. We planning to watch Coraline. Then work :(. But I'm happy at the same time.


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