Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No more stressing!

Alright, too much going on maayn. It's getting hectic again. School is stressful, especially because of the extra-curricular activities I have on my shoulder. But hey, yknow what? It's worth it!

This week, we're having our Staff Luncheon and I hope it goes well, foreal. I know I'm such a last min. planner, but it always work, TRUST ME.

Spring will be CRAZY. First week of March, meeting for scholarship. It's also the Juniors' fundraising week, PUSO fundraising week, Mr.&Ms.Pirate and CADA or CASL conference. And April, Junior Prom, Spring Break, Star Testing. We're also doing powderpuff & another spirit week during one of those months. CRAZYCRAZYCRAZY. But I'm happy because it'll help school go by so fast.

I've got work today. And tests to study for and a little bit of homework. Yessss, no more tripping. Me and my babe stay on the phone too long though, but it's okaay. We take our naps, haha.
Aw, summertime! I love them and miss our Fatima practices.

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