Sunday, May 3, 2009


I've been trying to figure out what the hell the email was to my blogger and yessss, I get to blog again!

Every 15 minutes happened on Thursday, April 30th. The mock accident was so real. At first everyone probably thought it wasn't a big deal, but when we took the tarpe off the two cars, we had everyones attention. I spent the whole day with 29 other people. We all knew each other, but we didn't all hang out before. Our retreat was great. We had an inspirational speaker, bonding time and we all learned something new together. The next day at our assembly, we still had the same respect. I felt like we were gone for a week. The assembly was a sucess and we were all tired. "Think twice before you make a decision."

Yesterday, I had my NCYLS training to be a JCrew leader for NCYLS 2009. Oh man, these group of juniors are pretty cool. We had pizza, worked on different activities etc. It helped us prepare to be a Jcrew leader for the Sophomores. I'm hella juiced too, it's coming up, May 28th. 4 day leadership conference @ Menlo College.

Today, I went to work. I work the same day as last week. No problem with that though. I left Jamba Juice Fliers too on our break table. I needa scan both fliers and I'll put it online so everyone can support c/o 2010. We really need this. I get hella upset when our fundraisers fail, but I know they can work. It's just we need better communication and team work. This is my last year of doing class and next year, ASB, woot woot. Ahah, leadership is leadership though. It's my passion.

Homework: Huck essay, text summary, MAYBE study for pre cal test, Idk what's on it. But anyways, more later maybe...

P.S. I lost my camera :(

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