Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unplanned Days

Today was hella random, but what an adventure! Went to Neeks' casa at 8am and tryna figure out what to do. Made posters, and got ready. Matty picked us up & got Rissy. Straight to Great Mall chill before the watchin' fast and the furious. Mm, it seemed hella long! =X haha. Rissy bought me lunch and ice cream, thank ya original. Then we visited a church, took pictures, went to Border's. Haah, hella random and what not. It's all good, I love my BFF for taking us anywhere & everywhere :).

Now I got tons of homework that I gotta do. LAST MINUTE OF COURSE. Haah!


  1. are you at some church in santa clara near great america? bc i used to go there all the time! then go to great america right after mass haha.