Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey guys, I know I haven't blogged, but I'm back! :) Mm, a lot has happened. The last time I blogged was the 24th? Alright, not that long ago, but it def feels like it because I've been blogging only sometimes. But I truly feel as if I am more calm when I blog 'cuz I vent about my day or anything etc. My blogspot was more private at first though when I made it last year, but whateva. It's fine that people read it, hah!

So, I've been really busy. Especially last week! I started by SAT class, working, school work. Oh man, just too much, I don't think I can explain everything, yknow? But Junior Prom has already happened, so less stress definitely. This weekend, I spent a lot of time with my babe. My family met him too on Prom Day :). Anyways, prom night was funnnn. But now it's back to reality. Well, until we go back to school. Once we go back to school, it's election tiiime! The pressure is on, haha jk.


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