Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Following through...

I woke up tellin' myself that I was gonna do my SAT hw and my other hw at 1pm. It's 12;42 so I'm gonna blog first :). Oh man, my SAT class can be funny, but it's hella boring. There's like 8 of us and we basically know each other's names. Bucky, our teacher, he makes me laugh, shoot. He still hasn't sent me the homework from Sunday night. I've been hella tired lately, I wish it was summer so I can sleep in. But it's coming, and Junior year is almost over, damn. So anyways, back to my SAT class, it's almost every Sunday, Wednesday & Saturday. Saturdays are usually the PSAT's. I missed 2 classes already. It's $999, but thanks to the Banatao scholarship, it's free! Haay. I'm taking my first SAT on May2, wish me luck.

ASB elections are next week! I gotta go to Target and buy my sh/t. DEANISE BANDOMA FOR ASB PRESIDENT! Speeches are on the quad on Monday; voting is on Tuesday & Thursday, yuup.

Yesterday I worked, tomorrow I work. Mm, working at Gap Outlet pretty long now, haha jk. I'm not complainin', no way.

I met these girls in different ways, different times, different places. What brought us together is being class officers for our Junior year. Things would be different in my life if it wasn't for them. I <3 my FAB4 'cuz no one in the corner has swagger like us...

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