Thursday, March 5, 2009

Needing to vent.

Day 3 of the Peaceful Protest. It turns out, we aren't so peaceful afterall, ahah.
Happy 17th Birthday Seestar :). Made her frosting extra special.
P.U.S.O. Officers, missing Miss Danika
Our annual "Every Wednesday" Picture. I hella miss it :(.

There are times when I just feel like exploding. Too much things happen in 1 week, I swear. Monday night, I baked my seestar some cupcakes for her birthday. The next day was Day 3 of our protest in the morning, classboard meeting @ lunch, work afterschool. Yesterday, game vs. Monte Vista. Close game, goodjob pirates for a great season :). Today is my scholarship meeting. I re-read the email and it mentioned it's 5 scholars and the guardians. Wow, it's not going to be a big group afterall. Mm, we'll see how it goes. There's dinner provided too, so it's good.

Back to reality though, I have a history test tomorrow, lab report, english hw. I swear, I just need to relax. But this week has been way too busy, real talk. Tomorrow's my free day, and this weekend will be busy too.

I'm stressing out about Prom right now. We chose our backdrop today and looking at the party favors, ahh! I am so not ready for spring. CADA Conference, Prom, Powderpuff, SAT classes, SAT, Senior Ball, NCYLS Conference etc. I don't even know dude. But alright, gotta go. Peace out.

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