Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can't stay still

This weekend feels longer than 2 days! I worked all weekend though. Friday, Saturday & Today. I got a few extra hours which is good because I really needed it too. Some of my experiences from work are just funny, the customers can be mean, but most of them are just hilarious, I swear.

I set high goals sometimes. I complain a lot. I can be lazy. I'm really impatient. I can't stand not shopping. I need an umbrella. I miss Nicole Reynoso. I wish the boring weeks can pass already. I wish my dad trust me again. I wish my boyfriends phone wasn't broken and that I didn't have to dial numbers to wake him up. LOL! My random problems, small and big.

2 months & Iloveit. We've been knowing each other for such a long time and practically seen one another grow up. Made some mistakes, but def learned from each one. Like what you said, it feels like it's getting better. But I think it is better :).


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