Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's finally my day off. I've been working consistently and I'm suprised I said yes to Marian when she asked me to work yesterday, lol. I'm saving up for my driving sh/t and I owe $$$ to my daddy, mama, & Ate Yani. And dude, I really miss shopping! I honestly think I can save though. Sounds like a lie, but I do see things differently.

I've got hella tests going on this week! I had one today for english, I hope I passed it, foreal. Tomorrow's Physiology, Thursday is History and Pre cal which I'm not gonna take and Friday is English, AGAIN. Wish me luck.

It's cute how Anthony read my blogspot :). I wonder who does read this since I did put it on my myspace, haha.

So, I still got feelings for you and you still got feelings for me. We gotta be patient and see w'sup for you and I.

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