Monday, June 8, 2009


I want focus. I want school to be over. I want a clean room. I want real, solid, strong love. I want my dreams to come true.

But the thing to do is what can I do? What can I prove to myself? Can I do
It? Ima stay ambitious and just do it. There's no time for stressing.

On the real note, Im thinking. And hoping and wishing. Just a whole bunch of things rushing in my mind.

I gotta do my make up laps in P.E., boo. Then we've got more leadership interviews after school. Then focusing on FINALS. I'm taking english and history tomorrow, I've only got 4 finals.

Tell me why it's cold on the last week of school, that's shocking. I've got less than a week then I'm going to RYLA :). It's good to be away; it relaxes me. I still miss NCYLS.

If you leave - musiq soulchild & mary j

Yours Truly,

Deanise Baby

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