Monday, March 16, 2009


How can I forget to say my prayers before I sleep and wake up? I miss confirmation class. I miss OLGC :(. I need to start going to church, foreal. My schedule is just so packed sometimes.

Malsys birthday was fun, it was also Linas and Tammys. I was chilling at home for a bit then went to work from 6-10. Making that bank this week!

March16, ima remember this day, right Baby? :)

This week is about to be busy. It's the Juniors' fundraising week and we're doing hella sh/t. I hope everything is a sucess!
Tuesday: Porkys Night
Wed: Tennis practice
Thursday-Sat night, work.
Sat morning, sat prep.
Sunday, day in Manteca

And somehow, me and my girls gotta get a pedicure! Foreal. Anna went to Vietnam so the salon is open in the weekends, aw. Gotta get my eyebrows done somewhere else... :(

Kay goodnight world.


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