Friday, March 13, 2009

Awww, long time no write!

Last week and this week has been so fkn busy, it almost killed me, hah. I'll start blogging again. I always have pictures and what not, but uploadinf em on my iPhone doesn't even work! Whateva, let's do a recap of this week first. This week is PUSO's unity week & we fundraise for the kids with heart problems in the Philippines and showing our culture helps more people at our school support our cause. We posted up fliers, facts of the day, but mainly fundraised since it's our week as well :). Lumpia is hella easy to sell, people just go crazy!

Yesterday, Bff and I left early to go to his casa. His mama is so sweet, I got to eat before we went back to school. Met up with the boyf, lightweight suprise visit, haha! Mm, stayed in the SC & talked to Mrs.B. I'm a Just hung out for a bit then Cousin in law dropped me off Jainas & we baked hella shit today. What really pissed me off today is people ate stuff from our bake goods. I mean it's our fault for leaving it out, but they so do not have a PUSO! Whateva though, afterschool chilled with N, S, & J til Dad got me. Got errands done & chilled at home. Dad & I played tennis. I also saw Sarah with her Dad at the courts! Aha, whatta small world...

Now i'm on the phone with Neeks! Then phone with baby lata! Ttyl guys.


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