Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"You look happy when you're on your phone."

Daaamn, I was supposed to blog the other 2 days, but I was hella out of it! Let's see, what happened on Monday.

Monday: So, I was supposed to watch He's Not that Into You w/ Fab4. But someone lied and said she didn't watch it, but she really did ;). Okay, I still need to watch that movie. And we four still needa watch HouseBunny. Although, I didn't hear good feedback from that movie. Whatevs, we constantly talked about it! Me and the fam went to Jollibee or let me say, "Jobilee" like Malsy says it. Went to the grocery afterwards & went home, I think? I tried napping in Danna's room, but I just couldn't. Tried studying for the physiology test, but I just couldn't. She took me to work before 6pm. I'm satisfied I'm getting better hours, but I'm still complaining about my job, hahah :). Work was cool, I was getting tiiired though. This lady from Europe was taking hella long to shop too. & I think I've seen her at Gap twice already!

Tuesday: Back to school! It was a chill day. I never go to 6th, ugh. I mean it's excused and everything. I stayed in the SC doing my English hw. Me and Neeks went to the library afterschool 'cuz it was raining, LOL. Yeah, we sat on the couch. Then Danna picked me up and went to Togo's. MM, Quiznos is still better, hands down. But the asian salad over there is pretty damn good. Went home. Did my nails. Hung out with Ate Yani for a bit. Went to our secret spot and saw another possible prom dress. Too bad though, haha! Then brought baby to her spot & got her another watch. I was studying and next thing you know my whole fam was almost there except Danna. Haha, whatta random night!
Today was plain irritating. There's good & bad to everything. But I just wasn't feeling good. Today was not my day! Idk, I know it's the time of the month soon, but that shouldn't be an excuse yknow? We had a PUSO officer meeting at lunch. Then afterschool, I was with Nikka til my dad picked me up. I guess my dad knew I was lightweight cranky. I was sleeping in the car and he constantly woke me up every 5 min. I got mad at one point and so did he. Then I started crying, Idk why. He kept saying I'm tired cuz I stay up or whatevs! Which is true. But I don't know what was wrong with him. I wasn't even doing anything, then he gets at me. I shut up and stayed up and he eventually talked to me... :). C'mon, I really didn't do anything wrong! I feel accomplished now though. 'Cuz I finished all my necessary hw and what not.

Tomorrow is Jules' 17th :). Hopefully, I can make it to her dinner! Work that niiight, yikes.

P.S. I miss him!

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  1. i will send you a picture of the dress later when i figure out how to use my camera phone hahaha