Monday, February 2, 2009

This lil' mama is def. growing up!

This one is from the other day, it wouldn't let me post from my iPhone, ugh. Anyways, we're getting a new laptop today. Returning the computer; had some difficulties, lol. School was good. One of those good Mondays. Went to 7-11 with J, like our normal routine. But Ima stop, spending $2 a day or something. School went by pretty fast. Victoria's my new friend in Pschology, so it's cool :). Sis and I had to do errands after. Bank & Walmart. My babe is making fun of my new debit card, ugh, whatevs. So, I got my direct deposit done, well, almost. I have to got to GAP. I got savings, finally and whateva the hell keep the change is.

So, I gotta do my ssr log, english hw, section 14.1, text summary #2, classboard agenda, whateva else on my list. Watching OTH and The Secret Life tonight. So, I gotta get it dooone.


  1. Maleia is hella fuckin' cute! haha OTH & Secret Life are both hella addicting too. Imy you fave!

  2. oh man i love this picture! imma steal lol