Sunday, February 8, 2009

A lot of things on my mind...

Don't you have those moments when you create more stress than you already have? Because foreal, that happens constantly to me. I seem to have a problem and I always want to stay on task; be productive. And it's good, but sometimes, I can never just chill and relax.

Mm, I had some chill time this weekend though. Another family trip this weekend. We went to Reno, NV and left 2 hours later than we were supposed to. So, I was thinking to myself, why are we going to Reno? I know my mamas wanted to go for Dimi's 22nd birthday, but nah. I realized it was for FAMILY TIME. We're growned up, except for me and Malsy. But it's nice to be spending more and more time with each other before we're all busy. It's crazy, time has gone by fast. We stayed at Peppermill, but mom changed our reservations to the Tuscany Tower which is nicer and new. I loved our room, I honestly think it was nicer than the one in Mandalay Bay. Or maybe, I just forgot how it looked like and what not. We stopped by at the snow before Reno and I was not ready. Lol, we took a few pictures and they went sledding while me & Dimi stayed in the car. We were gonna go out, but we didn't. Anyways, we got to Reno. & we ate at a Sushi restaurant. Some usual teriyaki chicken and rice. My mama and sisters had all you can eat sushi, wtf. Haha, my dad and I were cracking up. My dad and I went to the store next door and all the clothes in there was hella PacSun and what not typa style. I was looking for some vintage sh/t, but I guess not. We checked in the hotel and I swear we were just knocked out. Well, I was. We were gonna go swimming, the pool was beautiful. But we didn't end up swimming no more. We ate at the usual Chinese Restaurant, it was good chow mein. Chilled at the hotel. Parents and Ate Yani went out while we went in the room. I got my essay done :). I talked to my Babe for a bit and chilled with Ate Yani. Went to bed around 2;30am. This morning, we went to the buffet downstairs. I swear, buffets just make me SICK. No joke! :/ We left Reno and went to Vacaville Outlets. Bought a couple thangs. Later on, we stopped by somewhere near Vallejo and went SHOPPING. My dad bought me a purse, 3 shirts and some black thick leggings. It was raining hella hard too, foreals. & long way to go because there was traffic and now I'm home. My weekend was not about RENO at all, it was about the quality time I've spent with my family <3

Relationships are challenges. But I think it's worth it. I worry, he worries. So much complications, but I still <3 him. Enough said, things do get better...

School tomorrow and I'm almost ready for this 4 day week and 4 day weekend :). I think my graders are WAY better and so is my attendance I work only on Tuesday which hella sucks 'cuz I want/need more hours. Let's see if they're gonna give me any more.

I hope Desperate Housewives is onnn tonight! Ugh. I still need to do my physiology q's and clean up a lil' more and talk to my boyfriend 'til we sleep.


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