Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, ima try to blog everyday. It helps me feel better venting & everything. Although, I know no one reads this. So, a lot has happened this week. It was ASB/leadership's Peace Week. The activities in the quad were cool :). Mm, we all did our part and a goodjob. Thursday, we had the budget meeting.I honestly think that there is so many other ways to cut the budget instead of the extra-curricular activities at school. Going to this meeting helped me see a better vision on what is going on. Leadership should not be cut and it needs to be SAVED. Nothing should be cut. Because we need more at our school, not less, yknow?

I've realized how lucky I am. My family and my life. Things happen for a reason. The boyfriend's right, it's good no one was hurt and that is what matters. I guess some people are that desperate, but whateva. Karma, karma, karma.

Jaina Faith and I finally hung out :). One Tree Hill and Sushi is a good combination. We haven't hung out in forever. So, it's good to catch up. Mm, I'm lightweight tired though. So far, I've cleaned my room, read a little. I'm gonna get my homework done today mos def. Okay, peace! Maybe more later.

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