Monday, January 5, 2009


So, I'm currently at my Tita Lita's house in Ridgecrest. Coming from Vegas :). We haven't had a fam trip like that in awhile b/c Ate Yani was missing or something. But it was cool. We left around noon on Friday. I got my contacts before cuz I hella needed them. It was rainin' and it seemed like forever when we were on our way to Vegas. I was sitting in the back with Ate Yani just using my phone the whole way through. We stayed at Mandalay Bay, it's hella nice in there. We got there midnight, so we ordered food and just slept. The next day, we got tickets for Fab4. And went to the Fashion Mall. I love it at Vegas. We ate at the House of Blues in our hotel. Afterwards, we went to Planet Hollywood to watch Fab4. Aw, I love the Beatles, I was singing like every song. We ate at Pampas after, hella $$$. I ended up chilling at the room with Malsy, Ten & Mama. I stayed on the phone with my baby. Dad, Ate Yani & Dimi came home with strawberry daceries :). Yummm, haha. Dad actually let me drink some too. Crazy, crazy! Sisters had to leave the next day. So, me and my dad went to the Outlet. Good sh/t! Later, we met up with Uncle Ting for lunch and went to Dirk Arthur's magic show. Yeaah, then Malsy wasn't feeling good so we went back. I wasn't feeling good myself. Took hella pictures, watched shows, ate hella food and the main point quality fam time. I wish we had more time in Vegas 'cuz we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do.

After we eat lunch, we're gonna go to L.A. to meet up with mamas' cousins and maybe shopping? :) Kay cool.

My iPhone be tripping sometimes, maybe 'cuz I'm always on it, haha!

Happy Birthday Tita Lita.

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