Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's funny how my password on blogspot is my password on the register at work :). So, I went to work this morning from 10am-7pm. I chilled with Jaz for a bit and then went to starbucks with Nelson and Lynette. Afterwards, I returned Malia's socks. My fam and I went to Food Max to get last minute food for Xmas eve. My cousins from the Philippines are coming around 8pm. I work tomorrow too. Marion put our schedule up pretty early, Idk why she put me to work when I'm gonna be in Vegas. Mm, weird.

I'm feeling WAY better :). I still needa buy some xmas presents still for Amanda, my secret santa, Michelle and my H. I think I'm gonna do it next Monday when I see my booboo =).

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